• Car Loan Financial

The solution helps to establish the perfect credit standing and respectability system, reduce the risk of financial organization, assure a healthy financial environment.

What Would It Benefit You?

  • Point 1

    Wireless installation with strong magnet to avoid breaking the original cables in car affecting the insurance compensation.

  • Point 2

    Precise positioning of vehicle location to avoid client offering fake personal information.

    Point 2

  • Point 3

    Warning system according to repayment records so to planning the solutions for the issue clients

  • Point 4

    Remotely control engine to avoid client driving away.

    Point 4

  • Point 5

    Tamper proof to avoid the client remove the tracker from the vehicle.

  • Point 6

    ECO driving to ensure the better vehicle status before the loan fully repaid.

    Point 6

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