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Our Advantages


Cluster Server based on Aliyun, assure you unlimited increasing your trackers and stable performance.


The unique encryption algorithm, provide you with the reliable and secure business environment.


Flexibility of customization in features, strengthen our competition ability in market


Favorable design in interfaces, simple and easy for you to operate and manage, saving you much of working time.


Life time free of charge service, the best financial support for your business.

Web Interface

Cross-broswer and No plugins.

It runs inside any modern web-browser and does not require any software installation, plugins, or Java. It’s all based on pure Javascript and HTML5 technologies only.

Focused data and In windows.

One application per goal philosophy brings all useful information and right tools directly to user, eliminating unnecessary navigations.

Small screens while Big deals.

Although we offer free native apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, users can also login the optimised web interface from any mobile browser.

Admin Panels

With the admin console you can flexible customize your service, manage users and devices, set up service due notifications and much more.

Set service due notifications

Preset notifications for tracking service, vehicle maintenance date, driving license expiration, vehicle insurance expiring date, define and optimize your plans and rates for communication services, make your business more professional and humanized.

Manage user accounts and roles

As an administrator you can create user accounts for individuals and companies, suspend or delete them permanently, reset passwords. Securely access the Web-interface of any user you need with a mouse click to see what user sees. It is highly useful when your team provide user with necessary technical support or assist him within his trial period.

Manage devices with ease

View the full list of devices connected to your platform, sort it by multiple parameters and make full text search to find the one you need very quickly. Manage devices in different ways depending on your needs.

Mobile Apps

The world is becoming mobile driven. Wherever you go, be aware of what’s happening with FarKnow monitor app. It gives you a completely new level of awareness and convenience.

See where your assets are moving right now. Check every detail of their statuses and access vehicle telemetry from real-time dashboards. View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history. Start your car remotely or block the engine in the event of theft.

Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need in seconds. Align your team and keep all your assets current from anywhere.

Features Overview

Online Tracking and History

Track and manage multiple objects
Filter objects to swiftly search needed ones, group them into clusters for viewing on the map in small scale.

Accurate real-time positioning
The best mapping on the market, modern methods of geolocation and real time data update on the screen.

360° street view and traffic
Build less traffic routes. View streets and buildings in 360° at every point of the track.

Handy trip browsing
View and compare trips on map. Several ways of visualization help the perception and optimized algorithms allow to quickly display even long trips.

Events and parkings
Display parking, fueling, speeding and other events on the generated trip. Get detailed information with just a click on the event icon.

Trip statistics
Get full access to general information about each trip including length, duration, average speed and fuel consumption. Quick statistics makes it easy to get the data without creating detailed reports.

Fleet Management

Fuel monitoring

—Control fuel consumption and prevent fuel thefts.

Intuitive calibration

Create and manage fuel sensors in the most user-friendly way.

Instant notifications

Receive on-time alerts by SMS or Email to prevent fuel thefts.

Reports & analytics

Thoroughly analyze fuel consumption to minimize operational costs.

ECO driving

—Control driving behavior of your fleet


Speeding is #1 road violation in any country causing heaps of speeding fines and tickets, which negatively reflects on your budget.

Harsh Driving

Harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering can lead to deadly road accidents with multiple victims.

Excessive Idling

Everyday millions of cars and trucks idle needlessly, affecting fuel economy, engine lifetime and releasing as much pollution as a moving car.

Reports and analytics

Reports on everything

Comprehensive reports to achieve operational excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Recieve reports on e-mail

Set up a schedule and get reports via email with the necessary regularity. Share information with the colleagues including them in the list of recipients.

Export to Excel

Save reports in a convenient format for printing, working with data offline or using them with external applications.

Supported hardware

Choose the one you need or suggest us a new device.


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