• Logistics & Express

The solution allows to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and express, arrangements, transport processes optimization and cost saving

Work Efficency And Save Costs

Driver Identification Recognizing

Use RFID or iButton technology to authorize driver the permission of starting truck, the effective way to manage the shift work of drivers.

ECO Driving

Improve fleet safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, enhance cargo safety, prolong vehicle life and rate up driving quality

Precise Fuel Consumption Statistics

Thoroughly analyze fuel consumption to minimize operational costs, and prevent fuel thefts

Order Dispatching Steps

  • Step1

    Clients place order and get the status of the receiving vehicles.

  • Step2

    Driver get detailed description on orders such as address, goods volume and weight, delivery time, and assign status to an order(delivered/rejected), one button navigates to the precise address of clients.


  • Step3

    Track the delivery process in real-time mode and respond to emerging issues through phone calls or chatting with driver.

  • Step4

    Bill update to clients when package reaching destination.


  • Step5

    Clients send payment, and add comments and photos to the order.

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