How does a GPS tracker avoid tampering?

How does a GPS tracker avoid tampering?

When we offer after sales service, we often get to know from customer that some theft removed the tracker after stolen the car, so a lot of customer are searching for tamperproof GPS trackers. Whether there are tamperproof GPS trackers in the market?

The answer is no, there is no absolute tamperproof tracker device yet, we may only avoid tampering through the special solution such as install one more device in the same vehicle, and set certain time upload data working mode.

From the above simulation case, we have a rough idea about how theft steals car and removes tracker. And now we assume that we have a GPS tracker that can be tamperproof, while how the tracker device avoids the tampering?

Firstly, it must be able to detect the tampering signal; secondly, it should generate alarm when detect the tampering signal. But don’t forget when the theft are tampering the tracker, it’s GPS and GSM signal are all blocked, the tracker are unable to transferring any data out at that time even it generated alarm, otherwise we can only trigger alarm locally in vehicle so to attract the attention beside the vehicle. In this case, the theft would anyway break the alarm system. Or else we can make the tracker power off so to hide itself and avoid removing by theft via stopping its own modules’ signal and later restore when tampering signal disappeared, but if the tracker powered off, it couldn’t know when the tampering signal disappeared, so this is not a good idea to avoid tampering either. In a word, there is no absolute tamperproof tracker device in the market yet.

As it is, what should we do now?

our suggestion is that we can install 2 or more GPS trackers in one vehicle and one of the tracker must be wireless and long time standby device which can be preset time to start at night, and the other can be normal connecting device which would work normally daily which was supposed to let theft tamper and find out or even remove. Because the wireless tracker is work at the preset time only, it won’t emit signal when it was powered off, won’t be tampered by jammers, either won’t be found out through wire connections. We can find the stolen car finally by patiently waiting the wireless tracker start working.