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How to select a good GPS tracker?

If you are entering into GPS tracker business before long, and you are willing to grow gradually in this business, the most important thing is to select a good GPS tracker product. While facing the countless suppliers in the market, how to select a good GPS tracker? A good GPS tracker should be cost-effective, good […]

What’s the situation would cause the GPS tracker dead?

  As a GPS tracker supplier, do you often receive frequent call from customers asking the product’s issue even at midnight? As a GPS tracker retailer, do you often receive slow response from supplier because of the time difference, and feel very disappointed? The purpose of writing this article is helping both of you to release […]

What is the communication protocol of GPS tracker?

  If you have experienced transferring your trackers from one platform to another, or if you are using tracker in the third party’s platform or your own developed platform, you will inquiry the communication protocol of the GPS tracker from your supplier, while some of them will disclose it, some may not. Anyway, we need to understand […]

GPS tracker is not a panacea.

We may have got to know that GPS tracker is a very advanced device from some of the movies, so we may thought that the GPS tracker is as small as chipset, it can tell you the location at anywhere, it can standby as long as possible, and it may have other more powerful features. […]

How to install and activate a vehicle GPS tracker online?

As one of the leader of GPS tracker manufacturer, we have experienced a lot of after-sales services in teaching customer how to install tracker and activate them online in platform. Beyond all doubt, all these services have increased our job, and sometimes it caused bad customer experience either because of the time difference. Now we […]