What is GPS tracker, how does it work?

As the developing of the technology and improvement of public security, GPS tracker was widely used in our daily life for protecting pet, beloved person, small precious stuffs and big valuable asset. If you have rough idea about it, know how it works, it would help you a lot in your life.



GPS tracker is not a navigation device, while it is a kind of device that can let you know where it is. If a person wears it, we know where he/she is, if a vehicle installed it, we know where it was going. 



A GPS tracker usually consists of three main parts such as GPS module, GSM module and MCU. GPS module is for getting location data from satellite, GSM module is for transferring data to server so that people can check the information via PC or mobile phone, and MCU is for processing the data.


GPS tracker can be categorized as wireless tracker and wiring tracker, wireless tracker like GPS phone watch, student card, hand hold tracker, magnetic tracker and so on are usually used for person, pet, and asset including vehicles; wiring tracker are mainly for vehicles. Wiring tracker generally have more complicated features than wireless tracker, anyhow, the main features of them are similar. For example, Real-time Tracking, Safe Zone (we also call it GEO-fence), Alarms(such as emergency, over speed, falling down, etc.), remotely control, make calls, pedometer (or Mileage meter), etc..



Before we are using GPS tracker mainly for safety purpose and effective management, now it has penetrated into every corners of our life. When you go outside, you can call a sharing taxi or rent a sharing car at once; when you are hungry, you call take-out immediately, when your phone’s battery low, you can rent a power bank fast, and when you don’t want to walk for short distance travel, you can rent a sharing bike right away, when you take a bus, you have no need to wait in bus station any more, you can check the exact arrive time of the bus and casually step forward it in time, when it rains, you will never worry about forgetting your umbrella, you can rent a sharing umbrella soonest, and so on and so forth. All of the applications mentioned above are related to GPS tracker, we have to say that the GPS tracker has totally changed our life at present.