What should you notice when selecting a pet tracker?

According to JAVMA’s statistical report, there were over 10 million pets got lost each year. This figure is truly alarming. How can we prevent this from happening? Put them on GPS trackers is a good choice, while, how can we select a suitable tracker among all kinds of products in the market?

Through detailed communication with pet lovers, we have summarized from the pet lovers’ perspective that a good pet GPS tracker should be able to work long enough, waterproof, with safe materials and alarms.


  1. Work long enough

Working hours on electronic devices are largely limited by battery, while battery working hours is limited by size. As we all know, we can’t make big size GPS tracker for a small pet to compromise the battery life issue. A good pet GPS tracker supplier would spend much time in battery material so to get a safe and small size device but can last long enough. Besides the battery materials, they would be also engaged in improving the power consumption of the product such as sleeping mode, activate by motion sensor, smart positioning etc..


  1. Waterproof


Pet GPS tracker is requested to be waterproof is because pet may stay in a raining environment, play in the muddy water and swim in the pool. According to International Electrotechnical Commission, the waterproof level can be defined as IPXX, XX is two numbers, the first X means dustproof level which is ranged from 0-6, the second X is waterproof level which ranged 1-7. If the Pet GPS tracker is claimed IP65, it means the waterproof level is not strong enough; it can only work under splashed water like raindrops. Usually, a qualified pet GPS tracker would request waterproof level IP67 which can dip into 1 meter water for around 30 minutes. However, not all the supplier can offer real IP67 waterproof level device even they claimed in specification. When you find a tracker, you may check if there is hole (the hole is usually for simcard slot, microphone or speaker) on the shell or not, then discuss with supplier what material they are using for prevent water entering into the hole.


  1. Safe materials


Whether the pet GPS tracker is safe would refer to the shell materials, emission and internal battery. Since the device would touch the pet tightly in daily life, it’s better wrapped by a silica rubber case which is not only soft and durable, but also harmless (edible silica gel is normally used for baby feeding nipple). Regarding emission level and safety of internal battery of the Pet GPS tracker, it often presented in corresponding certificates like CE/FCC and MSDS.


  1. Alarms


We can’t always stare at our pets; certainly, we can’t always stare at the tracking application in our mobile. That’s why alarms is badly requested in a pet GPS tracker. We need alarm when pet runs out home area, or runs into a dangerous environment which is so-called safe zone alarm; We need alarm when pet GPS tracker’s battery is low so to make sure it always working fine to protect the pet which is low battery alarm; we need alarm when someone take off the pet GPS tracker from our pet so to get the last position of the lost pet which is removal alarm. It’s better if a pet tracker integrated with camera, or lighting so to monitoring the environment or get flash remind when we are searching the lost pet.


When we find a pet GPS tracker with above mentioned features, it would surely protect our pets well.

What is GPS tracker, how does it work?

As the developing of the technology and improvement of public security, GPS tracker was widely used in our daily life for protecting pet, beloved person, small precious stuffs and big valuable asset. If you have rough idea about it, know how it works, it would help you a lot in your life.



GPS tracker is not a navigation device, while it is a kind of device that can let you know where it is. If a person wears it, we know where he/she is, if a vehicle installed it, we know where it was going. 



A GPS tracker usually consists of three main parts such as GPS module, GSM module and MCU. GPS module is for getting location data from satellite, GSM module is for transferring data to server so that people can check the information via PC or mobile phone, and MCU is for processing the data.


GPS tracker can be categorized as wireless tracker and wiring tracker, wireless tracker like GPS phone watch, student card, hand hold tracker, magnetic tracker and so on are usually used for person, pet, and asset including vehicles; wiring tracker are mainly for vehicles. Wiring tracker generally have more complicated features than wireless tracker, anyhow, the main features of them are similar. For example, Real-time Tracking, Safe Zone (we also call it GEO-fence), Alarms(such as emergency, over speed, falling down, etc.), remotely control, make calls, pedometer (or Mileage meter), etc..



Before we are using GPS tracker mainly for safety purpose and effective management, now it has penetrated into every corners of our life. When you go outside, you can call a sharing taxi or rent a sharing car at once; when you are hungry, you call take-out immediately, when your phone’s battery low, you can rent a power bank fast, and when you don’t want to walk for short distance travel, you can rent a sharing bike right away, when you take a bus, you have no need to wait in bus station any more, you can check the exact arrive time of the bus and casually step forward it in time, when it rains, you will never worry about forgetting your umbrella, you can rent a sharing umbrella soonest, and so on and so forth. All of the applications mentioned above are related to GPS tracker, we have to say that the GPS tracker has totally changed our life at present.

What kind of traps may you encounter if you decide to import an exceptionally cheap GPS tracker?

Sometimes we often get to know from customer about their bad purchasing experience, some of them imported a batch of GPS trackers which only worked for few days then failed, and their service phone rang all day as the client request to refund, some of them received cartoons of stone when payment arranged, and can’t find the supplier any more. We found out that they all made the same decision, which is they chose the exceptionally cheap GPS tracker supplier. As an experienced GPS tracker supplier, let us summarize the traps you may encounter against the ultra-low price GPS tracker suppliers.

Usually the super cheap GPS tracker selling would hide traps like inferior materials with short working life, extremely poor after-sales service, and financial fraud.

  1. Inferior materials.

As the old said, you would get what you pay for. All normal products would contains its own valued since the product are designed, researched, produced, advertised and sold by people and machines as per certain procedures, and value is confirmed since the people and investment worked for it should bring back benefit. If you don’t want to lose money in your business, so do manufacturers and the people who were working to create out the product and cheap price would surely request cheaper cost. If the market are only consider the cheap price GPS tracker, the supplier would try their utmost to find way to save their cost to satisfy the market, so they would use very cheap materials such as second hand chipset, and reduce the procedure in production like cancelling QC steps, find low quality resources for molding, etc., which would definitely cause a bad quality device at last and become your ordered products.


  1. Extremely poor after-sales service.

Inferior materials would surely cause the product low quality, not to mention the supplier would reduce the procedures to save cost like testing the software bugs to improve till it can have good performance. Beyond all doubt, you will request a lot of after-sales service from supplier. While the supplier may have no patient to spend their time in solving the issues since they only gain very small margin from supper cheap products or their team wasn’t professionally trained with technical skills. They will try all way to shift the responsibility and absolutely refuse to refund. In other case, some of those suppliers would directly ignore your entire request and complain. As we know the GPS tracker is a complicated product which refers not only hardware device but also the software platform. If the supplier won’t earn profit in device, they will try all way to bind you to their platform and force you purchase more.

  1. Financial fraud

The most terrible thing is not bad quality or service; it’s the fake supplier who may send you workable samples for testing, but finally send you stores, apples after received your large order payment, or even never ship any products out then disappeared. Some may increase price after receive your payment and refuse to ship till you pay the balance. It would be big loss if we meet with this kind of trap.

In a word, when we are decide to start the GPS tracker business, we should consider a long-term business mode, which would request consider more in select a qualified supplier, stable product and reasonable price so to create great popularity in your market. A good GPS tracker supplier won’t offer super low price, however, they will provide you with very professional software and tracking device.