What’s the difference between wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker?

If you are beginner in purchasing GPS trackers, you may hesitate in selecting the trackers among thousands of suppliers in the market since you have no idea on their performance and advantages, especially now there are wired tracker and wireless tracker for option. As an experienced tracker supplier, we would like to compare these two types of trackers in details and help you select the suitable one easily.

We have to say that every coin has two sides, the important thing is to find out the most suitable one and make best use of it.

Generally, wired tracker has stable power supply, full features, while you need to break the original cable in vehicles for installation.

wireless tracker is easy to attach to vehicles while feature is basic and battery life is the main challenge.



Wired tracker is designed with small backup battery, which can only last 10-30 minutes, so it’s main working power would rely on the external battery. If the vehicle insurance company is allow to break the original cables, we would undoubtedly choose a wired tracker, since vehicle battery would charge itself when motor is running, it would supply tracker a stable power. The major reason to choose a wired tracker is not only the stable power, but also because it contains input, output, analog input and serial port which can realize many features like detect the status of vehicle ignition, door, light, air condition, trunk, and connect accessories such as relay, fuel sensor, camera, temperature sensor, etc.. However, some of the customer would still give up the wired tracker no matter it is versatile because of the insurance issue. Now more and more novel products come out in the market, some of the products like quick splice connector can really help solve the insurance issue in cable connection.


Wireless tracker is much more used in vehicle financial loan and insurance company. Its big advantage is that it doesn’t request to break cables in vehicle. One of the products in the market is OBD tracker; another is long standby magnetic tracker. OBD tracker is designed to connect to the OBD II interface in vehicle, which is plug and play, and it can use the power from vehicle battery as well as read the corresponding CAN data in vehicle such as VIN, RAM, driving mileage, fuel, and coolant temperature. Long standby magnetic tracker is designed with large back up battery and totally wireless with strong magnet to attach to metal, which can last very long under the sleeping mode and is easy to hide and tamperproof, so it plays a very useful role in container tracking and anti-theft purpose.


After analyzing advantages and disadvantages between them, we would have better idea to select a suitable tracker. But whatever you do choose, please purchase sample to test it fully before make a big order.