GPS tracker is not a panacea.

We may have got to know that GPS tracker is a very advanced device from some of the movies, so we may thought that the GPS tracker is as small as chipset, it can tell you the location at anywhere, it can standby as long as possible, and it may have other more powerful features. But in fact, the GPS tracker is not as powerful as our imagination. Its functions are limited by a lot of current technologies.

1) Can a GPS tracker tell the location at anytime or anywhere?

No, it can’t, GPS tracker can only transferring data when it has GSM signal, and can only get correct location when it has GPS signal. When its GSM signal is interfered or shielded by other waves or metal, it won’t work until GSM signal recovered, and the GPS signal is easier to be affected by thick cloud, big tree, skyscraper, tunnel, bridge, under building, etc.

2.Can a GPS tracker tell the location when it was under building?

Yes, it can, but it was not located by satellite since the GPS tracker cannot meet the sky when it was under building or under roof, it gets location by LBS or WIFI, LBS is short for location based service of mobile users which is a kind of location technology based on cell tower. LBS can be very accurate if you are in a city because the cell towers are deployed intensively, while it has big error in village since the area would be built with high power cell towers which mean the towers are scarce. WIFI location technology is almost the same way. GPS, LBS, and Wifi can be mutual complementary in positioning which can make the location more accurate and sustaining..


3.Can a GPS tracker work without SIM card?

No, It can’t, if we add screen and keyboard for a GPS tracker, it would be a mobile phone, we could understand that a mobile phone won’t work without a SIM card. If you ever heard that some supplier or people said he didn’t purchase SIM card to put into their purchased trackers, it must be pre-inserted or integrated SIM chipset in tracker’s PCB. If you get a GPS tracker without a SIM card, it would like an ugly decorating vase in your vehicle. Someone may ask about the satellite trackers which doesn’t request us to put SIM card to make it communicate, but don’t forget that you still need to pay the communication cost for satellite service every month like you pay to telecom operators. It actually works like an integrated SIM module provided by the satellite module supplier.

4.Is the installation of GPS tracker complicated?

Except the complicated projects which need a lot of special features realized by sensors, the installation is usually easy, especially wireless tracker.

Standard GPS tracker with simple features will be made with lazy mode connectors which will be requested to connect few certain cables when installing, and most of the supplier would offer detailed diagrams and videos. Not to mention a wireless tracker, you only need to find a place to hide it. As for the personal tracker or pet tracker, who need it, they can just wear it.

5.Can a GPS tracker work globally?

Yes, it can, only if the SIM card have enough credit and open roaming feature, the GPS feature is not limited by territory.

6.Can any of the GPS suppliers track a mobile phone?

No, they can’t. Usually the mobile supplier can track their produced mobile phone if the mobile phone is on using, and the related government department like police can do as well. But a common GPS tracker supplier can’t tracker any of the mobile phone unless he created an application that can install in phone so to acquire GPS information from phone and transfer to their system. Otherwise, the GPS tracker supplier is not powerful enough to control all different kind of mobile phone brand.

7.Is there any supplier can produce button-size small GPS tracker?

Actually now, all kinds of electronic products is limited by the battery technology, small to an earphone, big to a car. If you want the product last longer, you will need a bigger battery or a battery which can contain more energy. GPS tracker need battery to work and it use battery much when working. Beyond all doubt, the small size would request the battery size small as well, we can image how a battery small enough to running a tracker. Besides this reason, the IC and chipset size also decide the products size also. But everything is possible, we only need to wait the battery technology and chipset developing to certain level so that we can create a tracker as mini as a button.

At last, it suggests that you’d better study more about the GPS tracker knowledge before you starting to purchase. Of course, select a well known branded tracker would be the best choice.